She has a boyfriend, but shows interest?

I am attending college. We both sit next to each other every class and talk before and after. I have noticed her body language to be very positive towards me, we lock eye contact for extensive periods of time before looking away, multiple times, and I noticed she never looks at her phone (meaning she must not be texting her bf?), also smiles a lot and laughs at my jokes, even if they suck. She is also very engaged into our conversations and asks questions, etc.
Her boyfriend goes to a campus which is 1hr away from where we are. She told me after this semester she is moving that way to go to a different campus than her boyfriend. (Its relatively close to her boyfriends though.) She sounded irritated that she has to drive far to visit her boyfriend when I asked how that drive is. (Not quite sure how often though)
My questions are: Is she flirting with me or is she just being genuinely nice? Also, because of her being far from her boyfriend, is this my slim window to try and get her? I've never had this type of scenario before so I need a little assistance :P Thanks!


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  • She may be attracted to you or she enjoys the attention that you are giving her. Anyway, it doesn't matter. She has a boyfriend, I don't think it's right to pursue her.


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  • It seems like it's your slim window, just don't do the "nice guy" thing and think he's the "asshole" and the world "owes" you a woman. Be direct with her, tell her how you feel; perhaps say you like her enough to consider going out but you respect the guy (like you don't want to try to steal her away or anything), and let her know that if they break up, you'd be interesting in dating, and do NOT come off all emotional and clingy, but act like a MAN. There is a chance it could work, depending on you, her, the guy, and just life circumstances. Respect her choice whatever it is, but if she chooses to remain with him, and if it ever got to a point that she started complaining about him, do not be a doormat, wish her the best in working it out, but let her use you as a soundingboard only once or twice.