I'm in love with my best friend. What do I do?

Sorry it's so long.
We met in 8th grade at a football game where the band students from the junior highs going into the high school got to experience marching band. We were from different schools but both from percussion, so we met. Freshman year, he was on drum line and I was in color guard, but we both took percussion ensemble during the school day. Funnily enough, we were placed right next to each other. We started talking (after I finally got the nerve) and became great friends, and especially close friends through marching band. The summer after freshman year, I moved. We texted a lot that summer after I left. I didn't do marching band cuz my school didn't offer it. We both admitted we had liked each other, and we probably would have dated too. I started talking to him on Sunday, catching up and stuff. We're both juniors now. I told him how hard it still was being away from home, how I still couldn't make friends like I did there. He told me that I had changed everyone I met, that I was always so happy and kind, and I had really influenced everyone I met. He spoke to me with so much love, maybe not even in a romantic way. But I realized that I love him. Do I tell him when there's really nothing I can do about it?
Please don't give answers saying I'm not really in love with him because I'm a teenager.


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  • I would maybe meet up with him, hang out, see how the moment is and then maybe you can bring up stuff you guys shared before and when you feel the time is right you can tell him. if you tell him bluntly that can be sweet but he might not know how to react or say and then things can end up a little awkward afterwards