I have a crush on two different people, but I'm in a relationship that I want to end. What should I do?

I'm in a relationship and have been for a few months but I'm pretty done with who I'm in a relationship with and I've decided that I will be ending this relationship sometime November.
I also, however, have a few crushes. As in guys I'm into.
One of them is an indi wrestler that my cousin trained (He also helped train Daniel Brian and David Otunga for WWE) and I've had a thing for him for quite a few years now. I also know, from my experience with wrestlers, that they aren't always faithful or trust worthy.
The other guy is someone that I work with. I don't know him all too well but from what I know about him, he's a really nice guy.

What do you guys think I should do?


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  • End the relationship if you aren't happy, but I wouldn't just wait around to end it. If you aren't happy then there's no use to continue the relationship. Then I would possibly go on a date with each guy and get to know them. It can help you decide which would be a better match for you and which you could see yourself happy with.


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  • I think you need to end the relationship now rather then in November, I don't think you should lean a guy on for that long when you don't really have interest in him. I also think you should follow your heart, whoever you have interest in more. I just think, you shouldn't make big decisions with the two guys you are interest in until you know what you want.

    • I have no clue what I want, and the guy I'm in a relationship with loves October and Halloween and I don't wanna ruin it for him.

    • well is there any early parties you guys are going to? this upcoming weekend or something? if so after the party a day or two later, tell him you would like to meet up with him and then break the news. but if not I would do it as soon as Halloween is over, you don't want to pro long the relationship

    • Oh, I already feel bad for prolonging it as is. It started going south as soon as I got a job because he's clingy. We're going to Nightmare On Chicago Street in downtown Elgin this Saturday and he's working Halloween because I am so hence why I wanted to wait until November.