Should I tell him the truth about our first date?

We went on our first date yesterday and it was really boring. He texted me today asking me if I had a good time with him yesterday and I totally did not. I haven't replied yet. Should I tell him I didn't have a good time?


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  • Was the problem him or the activity that you had?

    • I think it was both. He chose a boring movie to watch, which he actually loved, and then he had some drinks but the conversation was dead boring. I tried to make it interesting but for some reason I just didn't enjoy it. Anyways, I've already told him the truth trying not to hurt him. He said he was tired and that maybe next time we can do something different and he let me choose. So I'm giving him a second chance.

    • I am very impressed with any woman who has that attitude. Good luck!

  • "Thank you for taking me out yesterday. I don't think things are going to work out between us. Best wishes for the future, though!"


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