Would you be angry if a girl sent your boyfriend a picture of her tattooed ass?

Don't get me wrong, I've never met the girl. He's been pen pals with her since long before he met me.

Anyway she'd recently got a tattoo on her ass and she'd sent him a picture of if. He'd told her not to send him anymore because I'd be unhappy about it.

Credit it where it's due to him, the first thing he did was tell me she had sent him this message. I was still kinda annoyed about it though and wondered what the conversation may have been leading up to that picture getting sent.

Am I being silly or do I have a right to be annoyed? The girl is beautiful in every way, facially and bodily, and it just made me feel pretty insecure :/


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  • Realize that you are angry because of your insecurity about yourself, no because of anything he did. He told you about it and he told her not to do it again. He passed the test and he should get an A+. You have a right to be annoyed. . . with yourself. Tell your boyfriend where your feelings are really coming from and maybe he will try to give you extra attention and compliments because YOU are the one he wants. He could have that other girl but h's not chasing after her; he's with you!

    • Yeah I know, I know it is due to my own insecurities. That and the other reason he's not with this other girl is because she lives miles and miles away. And that's the only thing that was ever in between them both.

    • If he wanted her, he would find a way to be with her. . . unless one of them is in prison!

    • True true :)

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  • I would be extremely angry and knowing me, I would send a message to her saying "So what's the point in sending a picture of your saggy azz to my boyfriend?" I would straight up address the conversation with her as his girlfriend and ultimately tell her, "My boyfriend and I don't appreciate you being disrespectful like that. By the way hon, you should really be careful about sending pictures like that because you never know who's hands they'll end up in and how embarrassed you might end up if they spread. :) "

    You have every right to be annoyed. This hoe obviously doesn't respect your relationship and I'm pretty sure there was a deeper intention when she decided to take off her pants and show him a picture of her a**. She probably just used the tattoo as an excuse to make a slutty, desperate move on him. Pathetic! Don't worry though. Ass tattoos are so ugly, trashy, and pointless. They basically ruin a perfectly beautiful ass. So if anything, what she mainly did was say "Look at how stupid I am!" Don't feel insecure because at the end of the day, he chose you over her :) If he really wanted her, she was in his life before you came along and he could have made that happen but did he? No. There's clearly something about her persaonilty despite her external features that he is not interested in.

    • Thank you :) see, I do wish it was like that but she lives about 9 hours away via plane in a different country. I feel that if she was closer to home? He'd have been with her by now. She's just so stunning.

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    • Thanks for MHO :) How did everything work out?

    • Welcome! And not too badly thank you :)

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  • It shouldn't matter if you know all your boyfriend is gonna do is look at it, think "lol" and then forget about it.

  • Simple:
    Click delete - confirm. Click delete contact-confirm click delete.


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  • I wouldn't be mad at the boyfriend unless he responded to it inappropriately like "Nice ass" or like "Wanna hook up" etc. Because it wasn't his fault. I'd also be a little curious as to WHY she sent him the picture, like "wait.. how do you know my boyfriend and how well do you know him to send him a pic of your ass😶?"
    But if he like joked about how a girl sent him a pic of her butt and how he ignored it i'd probably laugh with him about it, i'd just be kind of mad at the girl for sending a "nude" to a guy who has someone already..

    • Yeah that's it, it was rather annoying! At least he did stick up for me and tell her it would upset me.

    • Ya, but it shouldn't just be like 'I can't it would upset my gf' he should be like 'No, I have a girlfriend who means a lot to me and i'd never betray her' haha I don't know if it actually happens like that.

    • Well, that would be more preferable, yes.

  • You have every right to be irritated, however personally I'd go a little easier since he told you immediately and asked her not to send it in the first place. I'd talk with him and make sure he lets her know that her behavior wasn't ok and if it continues maybe even ask him to stop talking with her. Trust me, I know nobody wants to be "that girlfriend" but sometimes it just has to happen. I'm sure you're just as gorgeous, after all, he chose you over her! Best of luck :)

    • Thank you :) as I say though she lives miles and miles away and I genuinely do think he would have been with this girl if she stayed closer to home.

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    • It did not actually, thankfully! It was a few months ago so it's old news, but thank you anyways!

    • Thank goodness! Glad it's old news now :) :)