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Why there are girls I know, can date or score guys to date and like them, when I know these girls have a personality of a grinch and they are difficult to deal with? They are girls who sometimes are bad mouthed, difficult to deal with at times due to their attitude, they give opinions when noone ask them to give an opinion, sometimes they like to criticize people, they speak their minds even if that means cursing people when they disagree on a certain topics. They like to brag about how much a certain item cost to them, especially when that item is expensive. Overall these ladies are arrogant, conceited ones, who believe what they say is the correct thing, their personality is difficult, they complain for everything, but at the end they can meet guys and have dated several guys int he past and for them everything is a sin, not very open minded.

While me im a nice friendly lady, I get along with people, I never had problems with noone, im kind of attractive, and in my life I have never been able to score a guy who can actually want to date me or even ask me out and the only guy I almost hit to get a date with similar interest than me and other things we share in common, this year, blew me off m by text withn no explanation whatsoever. We went out on a date once and we had a good time and no problems there we even talk to go out again but then everything fell apart without even seeing each other in person.

I dont understand why some girls with difficult personalities for them are easier for guys to fall for them and why guys like that kind of ladies, and others who do not have difficult personalities for them is so so hard for guys to ask them out or even score a possible date


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  • Cos men are hunters by nature and they like to chase a girl a little. They don't all go for the yappy obnoxious foul mouthed skanks. If they do it's only for a short while to use them. Some are genuine and decent and need a little bit of mystery to a girl. Hang in there it does get better

    • I doubut it will get better the more you age the more difficult to score guys easily, like those ladies with difficult personalities can

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    • The lady I told u about who is obnoxious and why she can score dates being like that. Well she is a virgin so U doubt she wil let any guy that want to be with her only for sex.

    • I'm not saying she would maybe if that's common knowledge that could be the appeal to men. Maybe she talks differently to them that doesn't come across that way. Or maybe they see it as a challenge

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