How to know his true intentions?

Okay, so there's this guy. And he told me he liked me a few weeks ago. I guess you can say we're always flirting in a way. Well recently, we had our first kiss. Ever since then, it became an everyday thing. But the thing is, he always wants to kiss or hug when there's not people around. well a few days ago, he told me he is starting to fall for me.. Except he is kinda a freak and stuff. He hasn't pressures me or anything like that, but he does bring up those kinds of "topics" when we're texting or in person. I ask him if that's all he wants and he says no But what I don't know to think or do. Does he actually like me or just wants too fool around. Is he embarrassed by me so that's why he will only kiss me when we're alone. Is there anyway to know if it will ever get serious to the point in being in a relationship


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  • Sounds like he only wants to fool around. He doesn't want to do anything in public with you because he doesn't want to look unavailable probably, and the two of you aren't in a relationship yet. I wouldn't stay around this guy if that's all he wants.

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