I've never been on a date?

I'm a 23 year old guy. I'm a college graduate with a degree in economics and I was in a fraternity. I have a job and overall I'm happy with my life. However, I've never had a girlfriend or even been on a date. I'm always rejected by women and it hurts. My female friends say I'm a nice guy who is more of "husband material as opposed to boyfriend material", whatever that means.

Im a 3/10 for looks but a 10/10 on the inside. I'm slightly overweight but not fat. Can anyone give me advice?


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  • Maybe try a new look... like a new haircut. Wear a nice button up shirt and darker jeans maybe? Maybe not all the time or anything, but see if you wear something more tailored, have good posture, it might attract some ladies.

    When I first saw my ex boyfriend, his hair was shaggy, his beard wasn't trimmed and he wore wrinkley t-shirt and jeans. That was a bit off putting for relationship/dating, but I hung out with him as a friend. When he asked me out, I said ok.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I met him at our date. He cut his hair, shaved, wore a t-shirt and a button up flannel shirt over that. None of his clothes were wrinkled. I was attracted to him, others said he was below average in looks (rude af) but I was attracted to him. He was shorter than me and chubby, but honestly I had a really fun time.

    So try to change something and see if it works. I wish you luck! :)


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  • Go to the gym and get ripped and start dressing better. Get a personal trainer if you have to. Trust me. I know most people will claim they are not shallow but almost everyone is and lies to themselves about it. The hotter you get more chicks will hit on you and the easier it will be to find dates.

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