I'am having a little bit of trouble with my girlfriend and her Halloween costume, is it ok to tell her to not buy it or am I commanding?

I been dating my girlfriend for maybe 2 weeks now (i don't count the days lol, maybe week and a half-ish). To get to the point she is going to a Halloween party with her friends. She brought me to the mall today to show me and it looks nice but i think a bit too much showing. She didn't buy it but is going on Saturday to get it. Should tell her not to buy it cause i don't want other guys staring at her? Is that too commanding? i don't know what to do cause this is my first ever relationship and kindly asking for help.

Thanks for the help, i'll talk to her today


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  • I used to worry about wearing things too revealing and I'd always ask my boyfriend what he thought before I wore something until one day he said "Babe wear whatever you want and what ever makes you feel gorgeous or sexy. Either way I'm the lucky guy that gets to hold your hand when we walk around or go out to dinner, and no other guy checking you out gets the privilege of even looking at you without clothes on. There's nothing wrong with getting checked out."

    • I think he is more concerned with other guys checking her out in a "lustful" way. Some people (like me) don't find it appropriate for another guy to easily undress their girlfriend with their mind. Guys will do it anyways, but you don't want to make it that much easier.

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    • Nothing wrong with having a conversation about it. The best way for your relationship to be successful is your ability to be open and honest with each other 😊

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  • You should be honest with her about your feelings. You guys are in a relationship, and both of you should be able to handle honesty from the other. :)

    • I talked to her already and it's ok :)

    • :) good. My boyfriend and I were having a similar conversation, and he says if it's very revealing he'd like to be there when I wear it. But if it's moderately revealing wearing it out wouldn't make him uncomfortable.
      Bets of luck in your relationship and beyond.

    • thank you and i hope things go well for you too :)

  • Bad idea. Don't project your insecurities on her.
    The problem here is you. You don't think you're good enough for her so you're afraid she'll cheat with a guy at her party. You don't want guys coming on to her for fear that she will respond.

    "Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world."

    Work on your insecurities and be a little more trusting of her. If you can't genuinely trust her then you will never enjoy the relationship


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  • Look man, if you feel it is too revealing, then talk to her about it. Be calm about it, but have a conversation and let her know you aren't comfortable with her wearing something that revealing. I understand where you are coming from and yes, it is your first relationship, but this is something you will just have to learn as you go along. It'll be okay, mate :D