Should I kiss her?

I've recently reconnected with an younger female friend. Last time we didn't have the chemstry to make things work out. We were both in bad places that made us horribly for each other. We ended our friendship because of all the lies, jelousy and deceit. Now we have reconnected and started hanging out again. She has started becoming very affectionate with me. Holding my hands at every opportunity. When I hold her close, I put my hands around her waist and tickle her she doesn't give negative signals. She loves play fighting. Off course there are other guys trying to get with her and we both go on dates with other people. She still refers to me as a good friend. Although, she tells guys I'm her boyfriend to scare them off. But there is something about the way she hugs me. She Squeezes like she does not want to let go. Last time she rest her face on mine when she hugged me. I think it was the right time to kiss her. But I chickened out. Am I reading the signals wrong or is it just innocent friendly feelings?


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  • I honestly don't know. I think you could just... ask her if she likes you? When reading this, I would think she does, but maybe she always acts like this.. You can just ask her, or tell her that you like her. It will be the most clear then


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  • Is she Beautiful?

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