My boyfriend is butt hurt because his ex girlfriend askes one of his close friend out?

My boyfriend and I been togeter for 3 years and he is a very csring, loving boyfriend. However, lately, I notice a red flag. He told me he's not friends with let call his close friend Jacob anymore and that he sucks, he asks out my bf's ex and he got rejected because Jacob is so ugly. He talks a bunch of shit about Jacob. I felt weird... Then today I read his message to Jacob and it turns out his ex girlfriend is the one that asked Jacob out and Jacob rejected her so Jacob can still be my bf's friend. Why does my boyfriend got butt hurt over this and make up a story and won't be his friemd anymore? I'm shaking right now I'm so scared to think he still likes her... Does he still like her or what? Please help me...


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  • If your boyfriend is butt hurt it is probably because he is gay


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