Does he like me more than a friend?

I've known my best guy friend for over three months now and we hang out weekly. (No, we are not friends with benefits and don't plan to, we're not of that nature.)

Last night, he came over to my house last minute by surprise since he had a crazy day at work and was in an extremely good mood because the day before, I surprised him with amazing gifts for his belated birthday since we didn't know each other then. We took many selfies and as we played games, yesterday, I asked him about the necklace I gave him and he pulled it out from underneath his shirt (he was wearing it!). He did say quite seriously how he was going to wear it everyday but didn't expect it.

Anyways, yesterday... was different than all of our hangouts because it was really intimate and there was a lot of bonding and flirting going on. He treated me to for a quick late night snack and when we came home, he was telling me how his hands were in such bad condition so I spontaneously grabbed his hands worried over the cuts and ended up massaging his hands a lot with my favorite cream (I seriously wonder what went through his mind but I know it was positive because he didn't fight) and pampered him, he was so delightful.

After a prayer we did so he could get a great score on his midterm, he asked me when MY birthday was and when I told him (it had already passed), he said, "We're going to have to celebrate it." I was blushing so bad and he wished me a very beautiful night, lingered like he wanted to say something but said nevermind, and left but we exchanged our inside joke as a "see you soon" and said he'd definitely text me soon.

What do you all make of this?

Guys, how would you feel if a girl you liked did this to you?

And for girls and guys... are things progressing into something more? :)

Thank you!


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  • I think he was just being nice