How to recover from coming off too strong after a good first date?

So I dated this one girl recently and things went perfect between the two of us. We both dug eachother, she laughed at my corny jokes and was smiling at everything, we even kissed and she asked if i wanted a serious relationship with her, she didn't want to leave me that night. Everything was good even a few days after the date... but a few days later after we both were busy and couldnt make it to the second planned date, and I would tell her that I really liked her a lot and wanted to try a relationship with her just from one date. She hasn't really tried to talk to me since 2 days ago.

I know I went overboard with it.

So my question is: I like this girl, and I'd like to try again but I need help getting this second date after my freak out. How do I recover after coming off too strong after a good first date?

I'm gonna change the question up now..
Because like i said i do like this girl and would like to presue her again so What should I do to fix the damage I may have done and get a second date?
And she hasn't deleted any of my social media stuff and views all of my snapchats


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  • I second what the other poster said. I would just keep your distance for a little bit. And try to come off as too clingy and needy.


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  • Something might be wrong since she brought up the serious relationship so fast on the only FIRST date. Maybe she's insecure deep down, knowing you're a catch.

    Set the second date and see how it goes.
    I think you've nothing wrong on the 1st date, you went for the the kiss. Good for you, man.

    • So the main question is how should I talk to her again since I laid off talking to her due to me coming off too strong?

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  • She might be really busy with her work or if we think in negative way, she might date with others as well, so you need to keep yourself busy with your work or do some activities that you like, this might help!


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