Girls, Why do you do this, when catching eye- contact with a Random dude?

When a guy (X) is with his friends or by himself, if a random girl catches eye-contact with him , she would giggle at him.

Even when the guy (X) is with a group of friends , the random girls would look normally at his friends , but when it comes to him , they giggle at his eye - contact.

X is normal looking like his friends and doesn't do anything funny.

So please choose an option from the poll.

  • The random girl/s is intimidated and hate (X) for his eye-contact.
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  • The random girl/s find (X) eye-contact funny for no reason.
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  • The random girl/s find (X) eye-contact creepy.
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  • The random girl/s are instantly sexually attracted to him by his eye-contact.
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  • The random girl/s don't know why they did it.
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  • She either likes the guy or finds him looking at her creepy.

    • Thanks :) But if you personally did it what is the most likely reason?