Why can't I get a girlfriend?

I'm 17 years old and j cannot for the life of me get a girlfriend, every girl I start talking to hits a wall and tbh I'm a little shy to go ask other girls, I been told I'm good looking by one or two girl I have talked to (very good looking girls said it too) and I am 6"0" and I am well built, I like to think I'm nice to people and I always make people laugh and I'm pretty smart (get Bs so nothing special) I train everyday and I am extremely dedicated to my training could that be it? How can I talk to girls to get them to see me in that way instead of them liking me like a friend or even worse like the most recent girl did try to use me as a backup option to get back with her ex (not too annoyed about that cause they were together a long time) any tips and advice?

Anyone got opinions please much appreciated


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  • Maybe you should do some more approaching. Get rid of your shyness. Every girl here on gag will say "but being shy is cute". The thought of it is cute but in reality it's not so great. It also makes you look insecure which is a factor we'll friendzone you on.
    Maybe you could look up some tips on the internet. It appears that you act in a way girls want to be only friends with you. Learn some more tactics etc.


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  • You don't want a girlfriend if you ask me. Because if and when you're good looking there should be plenty of choices (girls) knocking at your front door right now (you just don't hear them, because you don't probably know what to listen for yet ^_^).

    Since they actually want to be your girlfriend due to your looks alone and that's not even taking into account your personality, right? Which makes them want you even more man + you also have to keep in mind that most them (crushers) have probably been waiting for you to flirt with them from the moment that they saw you.

    So with that in mind, you should find a girl that's crushing on you, get her #, talk to her normally and before ya know it you'll have a green light to take the "BF" position in her life. Well, if ya play your cards right that is.. here are some easy ways to tell who has the hots for you (copy pasted from my MHO) LOL

    #1 If they look at you a lot while they're talking to their friend it's a good chance that they have a thing for you.

    #2 If they put on their flirtatious voice while greeting you + act a little funny when compared to normal. it's a good chance they're thinking about you in some other way than "just wanting to be friends".

    #3 If they're loud OR always trying to have your eyes on them for no good reason... yeah they probably like you.

    #4 If they like to touch you for no reason/horseplay.. yeah... they're digging you

    #5 If they're always asking you questions/trying to hang out with you in some way or another... yeah they're probably crushing on you.

    #6 If they stutter like a jack rabbit or ya know just look "lovey dovey inside" if and when you're around them it's a good chance that they like you.

    #7 They'll usually give you some form of special treatment to ya know heighten their chances of getting with you if and when they confess ^_^


    • Since they'll actually want to be your girlfriend all due to your looks alone*

    • I don't know that I am actually good looking, the most recent girl I spoke with said oceans handsome and that I had a good smile and always complimented me on my size cause I'm quite well built from weight training. The one that got back with her ex this is, she was all touchy and flirty and all too, other girls that o have spoken to online and things that have seen me from like snap chat and things all called me cute and handsome etc