What's going to happen to us now he is gone?

I have been seeing one of my best friends for the last few months.
We did not get together officially for a number of reasons, including that he just came out of a long relationship & that I graduate this year

We sleep together every night, have sex about twice a day, hang out most of the day in our friend group & message (although less messaging since we have been together more). All this has increased in intensity these last few weeks. I have noticed this in him too, cuddling me more, pulling away less, kissing me on the cheek as i fall asleep, the things he say to me. It's made it so much harder now...

We are not exclusive, he has slept with some people at home, hooked up & messaged people, but always come back to my bed & hasn't had what we have with anyone else. He's just been exploring his newly single side.

Last night he said that despite everything he loves me, i didn't know how to take it.

Today he left. I will see him in a week, but i don't know how to handle it, how to go from seeing him 24/7 to not hearing from him, i miss him already & am scared he will find something better back home.

When he left he left me a note saying 'cya beautiful xoxo' & then messaged me saying 'i will miss you <3'. But i haven't heard from him personally since he arrived home, only in the group chat.

I don't know what's going to happen now. I don't know how to act, If he will ever contact me again. What should I do?

Sent him a casual text about strawberry milk - no reply.
Why would he do all this cute stuff & then not want to talk to me?


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  • This is a pretty slippery relationship - what with him sleeping with other people + sleeping with you and then somehow claiming that he also loves you. I think it could just mean that he's trying to simply maintain the no strings relationship between you two by doing the "oh I luv u" thing.


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