What are subtle things girls say when they fucked someone else?

So curious


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  • "We fcked " " he got it in"if she's crude or doesn't care depends on where you guys stand with each other

    If your my homie I'd be like "I smashed with that Foo one time" " we had some time together " " He played with me" like ya know ur the homie it doesn't matter and you already know how talk do you know what I mean

    A guy I'm interested in might want to date one day I wouldn't even know the words for Sex, Fck, fornicate, cuddle puddle, missinary, dome, BDMS etc lol completely oblivious to it all like a virgin of mind but not body


What Guys Said 1

  • "The two of us had fun yesterday."

    If they were to actually 'have fun' by doing something fun, they would have mentioned what it was specifically. But since they didn't, they were alluding to something else that was 'fun'.