Girls, what should I do, I Need a clear mind?

So recently i met a girl in a course, we had a really great time & she told me we have to meet when we're back in our country. We met 3 times since then & had really good times. When we last met we were talking about relationships etc and she asked if i like a girl, i told her yes but didn't wanna say who. She told me, come on, tell me, i'll also tell you who i like, i don't know her anyways. I didn't tell her because i thought "what.. she likes someone else?". Now, until i meet her it's going to be 2 weeks and she just changed her status to "Those were the times *cute smiley**wrapped heart*".. I feel like shit since i didn't tell her that i like her and additionally that status makes me think she got together with somebody (even tho i was more or less sure she likes me..). What can i do? Should i just text her what i think.. it tears me apart to not being able to tell her face to face.. i don't even fear the rejection.


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  • I think you should tell her, maybe she has likes you and she put the status to see what you would do. But the best way to know is just telling her, you have nothing to lose. It is better to do things now then later beat yourself up about what you could have done. So go for it and good look.

  • Do tell her now! do it!
    You should tell her everything you've written here! you've got nothing to lose- if she likes you then you win, if she doesn't then at least it was worth a shot.
    Personally, I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done.

    and yes, that's a quote but it's 100% true.

    Go get her! good luck :)

    • Thanks for your opinion. You know.. if there's the Option to wait until i can tell her face to face, i'd rather do that.. but since i'm unable to do that for another 2 weeks, this more or less cute text would be okay i gues?:/ By the way, what do you think of the Quote? I guess it's meant for friends, but it still annoys me somehow haha :)

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    • That's it, she probably doesn't mean me^^ She had put the Status after last Weekend but we have been out 1 Weekend before, like 6 hours at a mess together. That's when she asked me if i like a Girl.

      I'll let you know what happened.

    • you can never know😉 and great, really looking forward to this!