Would it make me a sucker if I give a girl I want to date pack of cigarettes as a present?

i met this girl on Tinder who seems to have smoking as her hobby. so i choose to meet her at my old job and i was thinking of giving her a pack of cigarette or a hookah stick as a present.

but as i think of this my ego keeps shouting at me that this is something that only suckers do. i mean is buying something for the person you want to date right at the beginning a good idea? or no?


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  • Dude... you do not buy presents for a girl when you just meet them.

    I have aspergers and even I know that.

    • true I have that too as you know and I'm pretty much kicking myself for this

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  • Smoking as a hobby?
    What kind of people do you wanna date anyway? Met on Tinder?
    Lol, I'm not even sure you're asking a serious question.

    • the questions you just asked aren't serious.

      as you may know Tinder is not for met dating, its more for people who just want to fuck. and why should it bother you what that person does if all you want to do is fuck in the first place. i mean i can understand if its about drugs or any other life threatning hobbies. but cigarettes? come on now

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  • Most def a bad idea, dude. She'll just come to expect gifts from you without putting in any effort for them.

    • lmao, dude if a girl keeps expecting gives from you and you keep granting her wishes then i'm sorry, you are the movie villain here

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    • i never said you do. i was just saying that if you let that happen that it would be your fault for not letting the chick know that enough is enough and you aren't a walking credit card

    • Well if you can do it too then everything's fine here.

  • #DontDoIt !

    No gifts unless she has earned them (sex, commitment, etc.) You don't want to set that precedence, bro.

  • You wanna give her a lung cancer?

    • i really doubt she's gonna get lung cancer from smoking just one pack

  • Just buy diner for her, nothing more.

    • i think that's worst. dinner is a lot more than a pack of cigarettes. unless you are talking about taking her to Taco Bells, or any fast food place

    • I don't live in the USA. I just buy some cheap but delicious pizza when on a date.

      Costs me like 13 euro's for two pizza's and two soda's.

    • oh wow that's 14 dollars. over here that's how much the majority of most large 14" pizzas cost. some are even cheaper than that.

      but oh well, good idea bro