I'm worried he'll leave me?

I have been seeing my best friend for the last few months.
We have slept together every night & got really close in the last few weeks, he even said he loved me.
We are not exclusive & he has made it clear that he doesn't want a relationship
Now he has gone home from uni.
He told me he missed me & mentioned me coming to visit and he'll take me to dinner
But i'm worried that he'll forget me, stop talking to me or leave me for something better because we don't have any guidelines
What should I do?


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  • I thought get really close first... then sleeping together. :/ Anyways, there is no foundation. Just learn from your mistakes.


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  • It's tough, I realize, @Pinkicedkks, with No strings attached and No title that Says "We are two birds of afeather." However, oth of your amazingf chemistry and open lines of convo, are showing me with the writing on the wall and all, that you Both... Are Best friends and are taking things slow.
    You are the One he has been cuddling with, He is the One you have 'Slapped a title' on to as "Best friend." With This, it's hard sometimes to match someone with history like this, and with going slow with the flow and letting him go, such as 'Home from uni,' with texting and talking, and with what he has told you even Then with 'Mentioned me coming to visit,' I believe he will keep his word.
    Absence often makes the heart grow fonder, so don't worry, sweetie... There will be cozy cuddling again, my friend, he will be Missing You And... Missing some Kissing.
    There are going to be tests in this 'Relationship' that one day could Bring you Both to the Love Level you are seeking. Be cool. Unless you see something that may give you some doubt, I see what this friend is all about.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Ask him to be your master... marry him


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  • I think you need to re-evaluate things. You are obviously compromising. You want to be with him exclusively and he doesn't. You have feelings for him and it's unclear if he has feelings for you or he is simply fooling around with you.
    Both of you have different expectations from your encounters. All am I asking you is :
    Is it really worth it to be with him even though both of you want different things?