Is it bad to wait?

I'm 20 years old. I've only ever had sex with one person in my life and that was my ex boyfriend, the reason being because I trusted him and loved him and he cared. Since then, I've tried the whole 'one night stand' thing but I always stop at the last second because it just doesn't feel right to me to have sex with someone I don't know or someone who doesn't care.

I don't plan on waiting until marriage to have sex again or anything like that lol but I'd have to get to know a person and trust them and make sure they care before I can even want to have sex with them. Is this bad? A lot of my friends can just have sex with anyone and not get their feelings invovled. I honestly don't know how they do it and it makes me feel like I'm not normal because I don't want to just sleep with anyone.


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  • You should not feel like you are not normal, of course you are. Is it normal to want to wait to have sex? Of course it is for you and that is what is important. If all the man or woman wants is to have sex with you then they aren't worth your time. Relax, the right person will come along and you will know that it is the right time to give yourself to them and receive what they offer. In the mean time masturbating is a wonderful way to learn more about your body and prepare it for that wonderful time you truly make love to another.


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  • Everyone is different and takes different pace. I had a similar experience with my first boyfriend. I waited 6 months till I slept someone but it wasn't a one night stand we were starting to see each other, in any case it was awful because durning it my hand was on his back and my ex had a scar there that I could always feel and then with guy of course it wasn't there.. and the shock of realising that it wasn't my ex was horrible that my eyes weld up and I had to stop. My advice is take your time and don't try to compare yourself to others, you will know when its right and if you are backing out it means your just not ready and thats okay :)

    • Oh ya it's not even issue to sleep with someone who's not my ex. We've been broken up since February and I've seen two other people since so he's not an issue lol. And with the two other people I've seen, I did want to sleep with them but I wanted to wait a while and thank god I did because it didn't work out with either of them haha. I just feel so different to everyone else because to me it seems like they can sleep with anyone and not even think twice about it, whereas I need to get to know a person first.