I don't feel like working or living in my hometown?

First time moving out at 23 and my brother said i should stay close in my hometown and live on my own here FIRST before moving to another city, so i will get used to living on my own. but i dont feel motivated to do ANYTHING in this city, its so small and boring and more family oriented (175.000) people and its just not my scene, but the thing is , the city that is my scene, i have no family there or friends so im basically alone, what should i do?


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  • You should go out in the world and explore. Trust me, if you don't leave now, you'll never leave. The world is big and exciting; it might be scary at first to live by yourself, but you get used to it. Plus, the independence is awesome.

    • ok what should i do?

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    • but i dont know anyone over there, no family or friends... and im starting school over there in February so thats like 3 months of doing nothing... i thought about renting a room with roommates in my hometown for about 3/4 months and THEN move when i started school and an internship over there... it makes the transition easier right?

    • If that's what you want to do, then move in with some roommates then.

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