Im afraid i'll never meet a guy that i'll have instant connection with, a guy that excites me sexually and mentally?

I haven't really dated much, on average i go on 5 dates a year in addition to talking with some guys. But I Early this year i met this guy where it was instant attraction.. i had never had that with anyone beofre, he is the only guy that gave me butterflies, he was tall, a really handman (he made his own beer, fixed cars etc) and really cute and likes i said, this instant connection.. we hit it off from the first time we met basically

It evolved when he messaged me after i had added him on facebook... It was really messy to be honest because he had just came out of a serious relationship and i had no clue on what i was doing ( a lot of mixed emotions).. So we were seeing eacother/talking for three months before i had enough.. i haven't hear from him since about 1-2 months ago when he messaged me 3 months after we broke it off..

Even if it didn't work out, im kinda afraid i will never have that connection again with anyone.. Yeah, i know it was mostly physical, but it was an attraction that was so different.. so exciting.. and i have met my fair share of attractive guys i my time (he wasn't even super good looking, just cute)

So i dont know what to think.. i really want that instant attraction and connection with a guy a again.. just a guy that is in a better place emtionally i guess. So what do i do? i dont necessarly miss him, i just miss that excitement, the butterflies the part where my panties are wet because he turns me on so much... ugh..


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  • Try to find to rekindle that spark by either getting back with that guy or just look for a guy that has that same spark. Let me know if there is any way for me to help.

    • I have played with that idea of letting him know i'll be in his area very soon.. im going to visit my sister who lives there.. But i dont know... The way it ended wasn't really good.. we just stoped talking,, so there was no proper closure i guess.. And even meeting a guy is difficult as hell... i meet guys all the time.. but i still haven't met anyone that i have this spark with.. Sometimes i think that we were "ment to be" in a way, but that neither of us were emtionally stabile i guess.. And i guess there isn't too much you can do.. maybe give me some advice regarding how to contact him again or something.. i mean i kinda blew him off the last time he tried to start a convo...

    • Oh if you and your ex left on a very bad situation, then it might not be a good idea to try to get back with him. My advice when it comes to potential guys that met your standards (if you don't mind me asking what are your standards), then try to go to clubs, bars and social events, interact with guys , laugh at their jokes, try to find common ground, and let them know your interested in them.

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  • What's the question again?

    • "so what do i do?"

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    • Wwlll that's why I have also suggested you have a break too.

    • i am actually having one right now... luckely i have a lot of school work to keep me busy

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