Girls, How often do ask for advice from their friends when you have a crush on a guy, and do you take that advice on board?

This girls behaviour has changed dramtically from letting me touch her, putting my arm, around her, she used to evade my personal space too to all of sudden just being more distant but still letting me put my arm around her and stuff. Has a friend or another person told her that she was being too needy and is playing into my hands and that she has to lay off a bit? Could that be a reason


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  • Literally all the time. And I take it all of it on board at some point or another.

  • All the time. It takes awhile to follow the advice.

    • Roughy how long to follow the advice? Because me and this girl have been close for roughly 3 months

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    • At least a month

    • That is totally accurate, I remember this girl popping up to me all the time and then it died down and I was the one doing the popping up