Signs your ex still has feelings? Come on, help a girl wise and wonderful people?

Say, we ended very badly on bad terms and he tells me he doesn't want to talk again. I take heed to his advice and block him off of Facebook so that I can't feel tempted to contact him again.

He was being really cold and resentful towards me after we split up anyway, so trying to talk to him was a losing battle at the time.

Now it's 6 months since we broke up. Anytime I ran into him, we'd point blank ignore each other. Gradually, he started making eye contact with me again.

Over the last 2 weeks, he's said hi, started conversations with me, asked how I am and has even been joking about with me too/sharing a bit of laughter.

I saw him checking me out the other day too when I was in my skin tight jeans.

I just find this weird behaviour coming from someone who doesn't want to be talking with me anymore, unless he's changed his mind that is.

Do you reckon he's just being friendly, realised he misses me/still has feelings?

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  • Time for the most part heals most wounds. Since it's been a good while he as coped with the relationship and moved on to the point he can have casual convo with you and not be cold-hearted.


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  • A better questions is - why do you care? Do YOU want him back? If you didn't, stop paying attention to him. If you do (and you probably do otherwise you wouldn't make an question about it) just get out of the bush and ask him out or something.

    • I might want him back yeah? But I'm trying to figure out what his feelings might be towards me first. Before I make an embarrassing move I just want to try and sound out where he may/may not be with me.

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