Why would a guy flirt with me and make a move then doesn't reply?

He was smiling to me then made a move and we talked. He gave me his number. I texted hi like 3 hours later. He didn't reply, and it's been like 5 hours already.

I am not killing myself over it, but I am just curious. Why would a guy approach and give a woman his number then not reply?


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  • Maybe he found anther option?

    • He relplied and called me many times. But am not dating him because I know he is a player from now! Thanks

    • How do you know he's a player?

    • He is a muscular guy, handsome, and he was saying I have a very nice body- in our first conversations. In my experience these things combined are dangerous lol

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  • he is just being flirty he could of also changed his mind.