Girls, What do you think of a guy who works in a good STUDIO and works on popular films.. would you date him?

So this job is my dream job... and i got the job easily... and everything is awesome... the pay and the work too... i have worked on popular movies like avengers, transformers, iron man etc etc mostly?

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  • I don't know does he have a fun personality without a hyper inflated sense of self?

    • ya he is fun too...

    • I didn't ask if he was fun. I asked if he had a fun personality that isn't hampered by a huge ego.

  • I love everything art related.
    That would be great because I ve always been interested in visual arts.
    I am even considering taking some courses from this field. So if I have the time and patience, I might do a double major ^^

    • great you should... its a awesome career to work in especially if you are creative by nature.. LOL

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