Is something wrong with me or am I picking the wrong guys?

I've never been in a real committed relationship. But have been in two relationships that had no label but we weee not seeing other people. Both of those never worked out. Its like everything is great, we go well together, are attracted to each other but the guys ausdnely move to another state and just don't want anything serious with me. Problem is the moment I need these guys it's completely obvious that they don't want a serious relationship and there are tons of red flags but I continue seeing the guy and then get hurt because I feel like maybe I can make the guy commit and when he doesn't I blame myself for not being good enoughm. is something wrong with me or am I picking the wrong guys? :(

Sorry for the typos, was typing fast :( *meet


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  • You're picking the wrong guys. I put out to women I expect marriage and if they're not interested in that goal to not waste my time

    • Thanks for your answer! Oh I see, will have to be more careful next time :(

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