Is he pissed or did I hurt his feelings?

So I left my necklace at his place. We usually go out get drunk and have sex... Well anyhow I snapped him and we started talking through snapchat. I told him i want my necklace back or he could just mail it to me lol. He sent me a message back saying you can just comeover and get it;) .. I said: Mmm or you can just mail it;) and he goes ok bye:(. He then blocked me on snapchat and facebook. I texted him on his iPhone saying I was just playing around, and that we should go out tmrw. I also tried called him and he didn't answer... So is he pissed at me? Does that mean he did have feelings for me? Did I hurt his feelings? I'm so confused I was just playing around. what should I do? It's been a day now and he hasn't said anything to me.. Should I wait it out a few more days and say something and ask for my necklace or what? And I do really like him :/


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  • It seemed like he was sensitive and for some reason he got offensive, I personally would wait a few days to see if he changed his mind and if you are still blocked then I would just move on. He seems odd to do that.. How old are both of you and how long have you known each other? if you really want your necklace back then you can text him saying you are coming over to get your necklace and see what he does. Do you have friends in common? if he isn't saying anything then I would ask the friend about it and take it from there.

    • I'm 22 and he's 27... And for 3 months.. and no we don't have any friends in common. I was otherwise just going to text him tknight and act like everything is normal and be like hey wanna meet up for a drink? ... Just debating what I should do..

    • I would leave it. see if he messages you back

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