Im having troubles knowing where my heart is?

There are two guys that is trying to "get with me" and want me to be there girlfriend. The problem is.. i dont know what my heart is telling me. I HATE LOVE! its so confusing, dont want to hurt ether of them but they keep saying love u and making it hard. AND it doesn't help with me not knowing if i love them or not... im having a really tuff time.. and i REALLY do not know what to do. Any advice for me? because i have NO clue what to do?

ok so first Ty has said I love you and then all of a sudden now Ryan is saying it.. Ty doesn't know Ryan has told me and Ryan doesn't know that Tyrone has said it.. they both have been saying I love you and making it hard for me. I JUST DONT KNOW


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  • I don't think you love them. If you loved any of them, you would know.
    You are either infatuated with them or you simply enjoy their attention.
    However, I think you should be fair with them. You should let them know that you are not interested in being with anyone during this period of your life.

    • I am trying to be fair with them and I have told them that I don't think im ready to date yet but they still keep telling me how much they love me.. and Ty and I have been getting together and hanging out and now he thinks we are dating and he has told HIS WHOLE SCHOOL that we r, and tbh Im starting to think we r...

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  • First, what you are experiencing is probably not love but infatuation. To love someone, you need to know them and have shared a significant amount of time and experiences; there is no such thing as love at first sight.

    If your heart is torn between the two of them and you choose one, you will not really be in a position to tell your choice that "I want you and no one else but you," which is what you should be able to say if you are trying to make a choice. So. . . is there some pressure to make a decision immediately? Tell each of them that you will make a decision in one month and not sooner, because this is too painful for you. Then, watch how they respond to that announcement. Someone who truly cares about you will be disappointed but try to understand and exercise some patience; someone who is looking to satisfy their own selfish needs will become angry at you. That will probably tell you what you need to know.

    • what ifi chose the wrong one.. what nether of them is the right one.. I DO NOT want to hurt ether of them... and Im tying to be carful but what am I suppose to do when they keep saying I love u to me?

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    • That would be a good plan. If a relationship is right, it does not need to be rushed. If either of them cannot accept that, then you know that they are thinking of themselves more than they are thinking of you.

    • yea.. if they can't wait and get to know each other more than I will know that he isn't the one for me.. thanks

  • Meditate and calm yourself first. Tell them both what is happening to be fair. I guess you should keep distance from both first until you are not confuse anymore. One who stays despite knowing it and you keeping distance... is the best bet... in my opinion. If both, then only pick one, the one you pick should be the one you should love because he is your choice.

    • ik I should pick one... but I don't know.. my mind isn't helping, I don't know what to think. I hate it.. it would be so much easier if they both wasn't trying to rush into a relationship and just be friends for now

    • Then just be friends for now. Your call.

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