"I'm glad you texted"?

i was dating a guy for a few months when he started getting hit hard with some work and family issues so he told me he wasn't sure if he even wanted to date. I told him since he wasn't sure that was a sign and I'll move on.

Fast forward a month n a half later I text him that I already have in to something I seore I'd given up for good. I wasn't expecting anything of it I just texted him a joke between us. He responded right away n then talked about what is going on with life. He said he's had a hard few weeks but he's getting better and he's glad I texted (smiley face) and that hopefully good things are lined up in the near future. Does that mean anything?

If not it's fine. I joined a dating site and net 3 great guys but I really did like this guy jr was such a gentlemen but stress got in the way and when he said he wasn't sure if he wanted to date my friends said I took it too far by immediately ending it. Maybe I did but I felt it was the right thing to do.

My plan I guess for now is to just sit back and see if he contacts me. Or is that not what I should do? Maybe I read too much into that text?

Thanks! xoxo


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  • It means... he is glad you texted.

    • Yea I figured I'd get that answer. But I'm glad when a lot of people text me but I don't tell them.

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