I like one of my freinds but I don't think that she likes me in that way. Should I talk to my other freind and his girlfreind about it?

If I do talk to them about it I know that it will get back to her that I like her.

  • Ask them
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  • Don't ask them
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  • It is a good think that it might get back to her
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  • Don't if you not ready to ask her out you don't want it getting back to her
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  • Don't bring anybody else into it. It has a way of splitting friends and gossip and just a bunch of opinions that has nothing to do with them.

    The best thing to do is be prepared for rejection and be cool with it. So if you are in a good place in your head and not projecting about possibilities, then you are ready to ask her to just hang out. Be cool about it.
    Just get to know her and see if you two enjoy each others company. Please do not go at it like your trying to hook up. that will do more harm than good.
    And if it doesn't work out then nobody is talking smack and making it awkward for her or you.

  • Ask her. We are not in junior high. It will just come across as lame if someone else finds out for you. Not a sign of confidence.