I'm 21, he's in his thirties. Do I have a shot?

I've had my eye on this guy for quite some time, we go to the same college. I've always been into older men and never had any issues with the matter, but the truth is I haven't dated or even really hung out with anyone in about a year. I'm a loner these days and have no idea how to approach the situation. Every time I think about him or see him I get self conscience and I'm usually pretty confident. I don't know, I guess I just want to know if I'm kidding myself or if I actually have a shot? How do I even start? I also sent him an email because I had no idea how else to make anything happen. Was that immature and/or weird?

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  • as a guy in his 30's, I can say I wouldn't have any problems with dating someone your age. However, I would automatically assume that you are far FAR out of my league, and would thus never pursue you. So, if you want this guy, you're going to have to do a lot of the 'heavy lifting' as far as introductions to the idea go. I mean, even if a 20 year old girl just suddenly started talking to me, joining me for lunch, hanging out after school and such - even with all of that, I'd be delighted, but would still just assume she only wanted to be friends.

    • He just seems so calm and collected. Very sure of himself and he's a physics major. I've never questioned my intelligence and can sometimes be a little arrogant about it, but I'm afraid he'll think I'm immature or something especially because of the email.

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    • i see nothing immature about your message :-D

    • Thank you thank you! that's been weighing on me lol

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  • Seems to me like you're in love with him, regardless of his age. That's a good motive, right? If the age thing starts to interfere with your daily life (you start losing friends or something), you should question it. But, go for it, girl. Why not? You're a grownup right?

    • Thank you:) I guess I just needed to reach out to people for the courage.

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  • Yes, you have a shot. Generally, guys prefer younger women anyway.

  • Some people really enjoy the mature company and experienced of an older sexual partner.
    age has little to do with sexual attraction in either sex.
    So long as nobody is going to be effected or hurt it simply shouldn't matter.

    • Thank you:) I only ask because he's mentioned something about my age before. Trouble is I don't know if he was implying I might be too young or if he thinks I might be troubled by his age. It wasn't me he mentioned this too:/

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    • Thanks, that makes things much easier.

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