Where/what should we do for our second date?

I met a girl off Tinder, we have been talking for a while now and haven't been able to go out due to scheduling conflicts. But we finally went out to the bar last week and we had a lot of fun, we got a long really well and there weren't many awkward moments. She was even making dirty jokes which I wasn't expecting and really helped to lighten the mood.

We've continued talking and I asked if she wanted to do something this weekend. She said yes. Now the thing is, I just moved to the area, so I do not know any places to go to. She was the one who suggested the bar. Should I invite her over for a movie at my place? And see where that goes? Or should I suggest going to the same bar or something like that.

Mainly just looking for suggestions, I don't want to have to rely on her coming up with all the bars/places we go to (even though she said it's her goal to introduce me to as many cool places in teh area)


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  • Come up with 2-3 things in the area you are interested in. Give her a call and suggest them, but follow it up to say you'd really like her to show you this or that spot. It shares a bit of your personality while showing your interest in her.

    I'd not do the movie at your place until you get another meet out on the town somewhere. It makes sense, you are new to the area, she wants to show you around, let her do it... in fact help her show you around.