Do girls not like going out with guys that have turbins? or is it my personality?

im a pretty fit guy, i workout everyday except for Sunday, and im average on looks. im really kind and will always be there to listen to people. and im always fooling around making really crappy puns and stuff but i will be serious when i need to be. but i haven't ever had a girlfriend. is it my personality or just my apperance?

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Nvm I actually did have a girlfriend a few years ago but she only went out with me to make this other guy jealous, so I'm not sure it counts


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  • Do you actually approach women? If yes, then what is your way of approaching them?

    • Well I talk to them quite a bit and joke around as well nothing really out of the ordinary, I just try to talk to them more than others

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    • Oh okay I get it, I always thought that girls wanted a guy like that, I guess not. Thank you I didn't even think about that before :)

    • Nah, typically speaking girls do not enjoy it when a guy comes across too pushy.
      And you're welcome. I am glad I helped.

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