URGENT : what do I do?

Ok so this guy, I've liked him or a while and he had a girlfriend, I was close friends with him, and he flirted with me a lot, even when he had a girlfriend. Ok so he told me he liked me, and we started talking about sex. I finally told him I liked him and he immediately broke up with his girlfriend. He wanted to ask me out and I was alright with it but was scared of moving to fast. He even offered to. cheat on his girlfriend with me. I found out today that his friend had read our texts. And the most humiliating things I sent to him. I told him to give me space, bug I don't know if I should break up with him or not.

If u were in my situation what would you do?


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  • Well I hate drama so I'd probably never go after a guy with a girlfriend (if i were a girl) if I were in your situation right now I'd run the hell away, screw crushes. I wouldn't want to be dragged into the dark pit of petty drama


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  • That guy doesn't seem trustworthy because
    1 - He offered to cheat in his girlfriend
    2 - He showed your personal stuff
    Not sure if he's the best choice for a serious boyfriend..


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  • It amazes me how women won't date a man who lives with his mom

    but will

    Date a man that is taken by another woman

    • I would date a man that lives with his mom , I by no means actually took him up on his offer I told him to stop

  • What's wrong with the friend reading the texts?

    • I sent him my sexual preferencs and pretty personal things and that is embarrassing and his friend is making fun of me BC of it

    • Yeah I remember high school... those were the days

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