Bad girl with a good boy;p I want him to be bad for me. help?

I meet a guy on tinder and I we talked every day and we went on a date and hit it off and still talk everyday but I'm afraid because he's nothing like guys I usually go for he's a sweet country boy and I usually go for the guys with tattoos and. Piercings and have a idgaf attitude because I'm not a gentle girl myself and I try to stay away from the good guys because I don't want to hurt them but I love his innocence and how sweet and nerdy he is. But we are so awkward and don't know what to do around each other and I don't know what to do because I want to kiss and hold him and he's the conservative type like we haven't even hugged me and he has said he likes me but I just want to move things along and don't know how because all of the previous guys have been bold and took the risk


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  • Maybe you should tell him that you like it when guys are more umm assertive and you enjoy it when they take control. If he is smart, he will pick on that.


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  • I want your boyfriend to start physically abusing you

    • Why the hell would you say that mother was I a abusive relationship and he would beat my mom and me and my 9 and 8 yr old brother and sister everyday for 2yrs until child service got us out domestic violence is not a joking matter you ass

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    • Actually the word "fuck" is another word for sex

    • Stop being so ignorant and learn a little from me.

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