Guys, about your onine profile?

My ex put his online dating profile he was looking for a real relationship and the age group of women he was looking for was eye color preference. .just someone nice. I hooked up with him and we dated 9 months exclusively. He told me he loved me. Then he started pulling away & hanging around his friend more. The next thing I know, he dumped me via text. The very next day re-posted his online profile looking for women 26-44 with specific eye color. What the heck? Guys, do you always honestly post exactly the type of woman you are looking for? Do you think he just posted the first time to see what he could get and now he thinks he can do better? Do you think his friend told him he could do better? This really hurt my self-esteem.


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  • So here's the sad experience of one guy: I think men and women have very different experiences of dating sites. Men do all the approaching, and most approaches are ignored. Women are the ones choosing and older women are either not really looking for relationships, or are unhappy people or they have found they can be picky. As a guy in my 40s, I get very few replies and have lowered my age filter on women. I'd rather be dating people 35 and older but, despite the age difference, it's easier to get women under 35 to date me.

    So that perhaps explains why he has reduced his age range.

    What it does not explain is why that man treated you so horridly. He did not treat you with the compassion and honesty that anyone deserves, especially after 9 months.


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