Girls, I have a girl friend and she used to work with this guy and commited on his fb pic that he was a handsome stud and she missed his face?

after that a few months go by she gets a nother job and has not talked to the guy since but then about 2-3 weeks go by and she gets on face book and sends this guy some messages whating him to come to the bar that her and her friends were at but bouth been drinking and wasn't going to the bar the other was at but she said in one of the messages that he could leave after she saw him or he saw her with a winking face then sent her phone number and del. all the text from him what should i think bc we had not had sex since befor that night and she basicly has not affection to me at all i no whats prob happening but just want to see what some ladys think and i never would had let it even go on this long but we have 2 kids togather and dont want to leave but won't be cheated on an if it turns out that is the case how should i bring it up and say it the right way?
well I brought it up I was trying to be as nice as possible just in case I wasn't right and hopeing I wasn't but at first she got all defenceive about it then I told her that I still had the messages then I was the bad guy and then she came clean so anyways yea it hurts but the healing starts now and I wanted to say thank you for your feed back


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  • Just say it straight up but be prepared for your answers. Sometimes the things we hear are the confirmation we need but it hurts. Good luck

  • It would annoy me as well if I were you. However, if you want to avoid a fight, then don't confront her in an aggressive way. Try to be funny about it. Pinpoint it to her and ask her with a smirk "So who's that handsome dude you've been missing?"


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