Why did he freak?

I had been messaging with a guy from Ok Cupid. I gave him my number & we'd message whenever we had a chance. We'd send pictures & discovered we had a mutual friend. He hadn't bothered to call me and with my work schedule, I'd either get out too late to call him (I work the graveyard shift), or he'd be at work when I woke up. He was aware of my schedule. All that aside, we had agreed to meet up for dinner on one of my nights off. Well, the night before our date, I get a flurry of texts saying that he doesn't want to go out with me unless we talk on the phone first and I need to call him. Of course, I see these messages on my break & I didn't call because 2am is a bit inappropriate for a phone call. I got turned off by him freaking out and we didn't go out. My question is why would he freak over it? I agreed to a date with him, he had seen pictures of me & had asked our mutual friend about me, so I don't understand the freaking out on me. It isn't like I was catfishing him.


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  • Where was this guy from?

    • We're both in Seattle.

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    • There are a few on there with glasses in that area.

    • A few as in a lot? Or a small amount?

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  • Maybe he was catfishing you? Some people can also get really nervous and ridiculous when it comes to face to face.


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  • It would make sense if he wanted to Skype with you; he doesn't want to get Catfished.

    • It would absolutely make sense if he wanted to Skype, but that wasn't even brought up as an option. To be perfectly honest, if someone is catfishing, they wouldn't agree to meet up. They'd make b. s. excuses as to why they couldn't go out. We had a date planned. If I was catfishing, I wouldn't have agreed to a date.

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