Not official but long distance, help?

The guy I have been seeing at uni has gone home now.
He told me he loved me & would miss me, but we aren't exclusive & he really likes girls
I'm worried he'll forget me.
What can I do to make him still want me even though we are far apart now


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  • You can't really do much. The only thing you can actually do is communicate regularly with him and show genuine concern about the problems/troubles he will be facing. Distance can be a pain in the ass and it can manage to break even the strongest bonds.
    However, if you truly believe that what you have is strong enough and if he believes the same thing, then both of you should put an effort in maintaining your relationship.
    It should not be one-sided. It should never be one-sided because no one deserves that.

    • He's not very good at communicating via text though. Our relationship was very in-person because we lived in dorms together, were in the same friend group and slept together every night. It's only been a day & even though he has been busy at home i'm really struggling...

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    • Okay, I saw that in the title but I wanted to be sure.
      Have you told him that you want to be with him exclusively? If yes, what did he say?

    • I haven't told him but we have talked about it & he says that he isn't ready because:
      a) He just came out of a 3 year relationship
      b) I graduate this year so we will be away from each other

      I think that if we can keep it going well for a few more months then it will be a subject we can revisit again. He says he loves me, but I'm worried that because i'm not around he'll turn his attentions elsewhere.

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