You guys:( I'm so nervous for my first meet with him... What if I clam up and appear uninteresting? What if it goes super wrong?

Can someone just tell me not to worry about this?

I'm going for coffee with a guy.. It's the first time we will be together and talking one-on-one, and I'm just so nervous. I've been on dates before but for some reason this guy just feels different. It's the first time where we both saw each other and were both attracted to each other, and now it's being put into motion.. And I'm just so scared. I just came out of a 4 month relationship that was terrible (he treated me like I was just his little object; he didn't truly care about me... I was blind and only saw through his words and actions until I was out. He had bad anger problems too) and now I'm just scared. Like why am I even trying? That was the only relationship in my 21 years that I've been in, and all the other dates and "almosts" always never worked out either. My stomach is so upset right now and I feel so nervous. It's as if I'm scared this could actually turn out well, and then I'll be starting something huge that could truly change my life, and that thought just really scares me. I don't want to lose myself like I had before. i feel like the best prophet of the future is the past, and so this will turn out like all the others and I'll just be really depressed.


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  • Don't worry so much! Don't overthink!