Why do you guys like creeping girls out just to cuddle them?

What I mean by that is, why do you guys take girls to haunted places, places with backstories, horror movies... etc. And say "It's ok I'll be there, you can hold me" When the girls is clearly terrified.
I did this a few nights ago There's this bridge in the woods by my house with a tale of creepy things around Halloween. I allowed him to take me. I was scared in the car, then he said to get out and we'll walk... I was so terrified, but I did... I clung to him. He thought it was all cute but why do you guys do this? We actually had our first kiss under that bridge that night. Such a weird place to have a first kiss.
And why do I want to go back and do it again if I was so scared?


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  • ... dont act like you didn't know it was coming. You liked the cuddling aspect too, just admit it damn it.
    Also, it makes us feel manly and protective and women like that. There ya go.

    • I do admit I like cuddling. Just this was also a first date... I didn't decline at first because I didn't expect him to ask me to get out of the car.

    • It ended well though. You got to be the woman and he got to be the man.

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  • I see where the guy is coming from. Being frightened stimulates a hormone in our body that can be confused with the hormone of when we like someone. I think its cute cause when the girl is afraid they're cling to or touch the guy a lot when under other circumstances (i. e. dinner, movies, picnic etc) there won't be as much cuddling or touching.


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  • nice excuse to get you guys feeling each other up by cuddling

    You wanna go back because your afraid to cuddle or kiss him unless there's an 'excuse' to do it

    • I'm not afraid to cuddle or kiss in other circumstances. I just really want to go back with him.

  • It's a good way to play the role of the strong, protective man without the girl being in any real danger.

  • *taking notes

  • usually guys do this so that they can reassure the girl. we want to feel like we can protect someone and we like it when girls think of us as they're saviour. it's a basic damsel in distress kind of thing, we want you to cling to us because it makes us feel confident and heroic.
    thats my theory, maybe he's just into the whole scary movie creepy place thing


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