Girls, are girls obsessed with their Boobs and their Bra Straps?

I have seen girls are obsessed with their boobs, as they think they are been stared by boys, as their boobs size is small, large or extra large, even they assume the guys are alsways ready to look into their cleavage and their bra staps

please tell me what you girls really think when this kind of situation comes to you!!


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  • Not necessarily 'obsessed' and I believe if we are its because schools/society over sexualize our breasts and bras. Also, it could be a sign of insecurity. I am very insecure but I do not believe people are always staring at my (small) breasts or my bra straps. The bra strap thing is stupid to me, there's nothing sexual about it so I just don't give a fuck. But if I know for a fact someone is staring then I get uncomfortable about it. Not every woman assumes it but I know many who do and its usually for the reasons I stated above.

    • i have seen women apart from the school girls working in offices or some other places, they always figure out weather their breast are bulging out or are they very much inside or small, so that people can't think she is something a wonder. also women add t=some kind of bras to their wardrobe which makes them to be uncomfortable, but for the sake of looking not bad they use them!! I know the Bra Strap may b a stupid thing for u but some girl are very irritated by it.. they have genuinely stopped wearing the bras due to this.

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    • no im not 'worried' about them, I actually don't wear bras because I give no fucks, its more comfortable and I don't really leave my house. It literally depends on the girl themselves if they wear one or not, and if they're 'worried' about their breasts or not. Some don't give any fucks, others give too many.

    • that is absolutely ryt, as no one cares whats others thinks

  • Well i love 'em but i don't think every guy stare at them. Not big enough for that.

    I try to get better to not over analyze every single thing or else i will probably just become crazy.

    • i know some girls are really not sound to that fucking thing, but in common i think it has been a major problem... analyzing this is very much good and better for times as!! but it myt have happened to u also when u were having your boobies to be grown up from kid to mature..