Guys, Opinions on girls that text first?

I've been talking to a boy for about 2 weeks and we've been on one date and hung out two other times afterwards. I'm out of town this week so the last time we hung out was exactly a week ago. He's been sending me a good morning text every morning this week and everything seemed to be going great but he hasn't texted me this morning at all.. So should I text him even though he normally initiates the conversation?


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  • Its shows initiative and that you are just as interested. He probably didn't text cuz he's the only one that has been showing that initiative and probably wants to see if you would reciprocate/like him back. Believe it or not, being the one to ALWAYS make the first move gets old... real fast. Sometimes guys want the attention too...
    If it were me, and you didn't text me when I didn't text, that'll be the last "good morning" you get from me. so heads up... text first.

    • Okay I texted him good morning even though it's already 11 and he responded with "morning sorry I had a meeting at work and I'm currently working" but he's always texted me during work which is at Applebee's..

    • it might not seem like much, but now he knows that you share the same interest, there's gonna be a "good morning" tomorrow... congrats.

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  • Yes, I think that it can be done. In my point of view, it doesn't matter who texts first, what matters is the conversation.

  • He can't always do things everyday, you know. Also it just one day.