Should I call her or I will look desperate?

I asked a girl out on a first date and it went really well we laughed a lot. when she went out of the car she said we will meet next week. I asked her out for a second date she accepted. I texted her 2 days later to set the the time. the second date was longer and we laughed a lot. during the movie she was initiating conversation she asked me if ithink this actress is pretty and I told her she is not my type then she was like whats your type then.

at the end I dropped her home. she said thank you so much for everything the dinner and the movie. she didn't mention meeting again which made feel like she may be lost interest although we had lots of fun

I send her a text today 7 hours ago I asked her out for next week. I didn't get any reply so is it desperate if I call her or should I wait?


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  • Call her tomorrow. If she doesn't get back to you, then leave it at that.

    • this happened on the first date when I texted her about the time. she didn't reply to the message for 6 hours and when I called she replied instantly and she was like happy that called. she didn't have credit back then.

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  • Wait til a later day. Just start up a normal conversation with her later without bringing up another date and see how she responds


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  • you should wait. I encourage you to go find someone else to date don't put all your eggs in one basket OUR just leave her alone for a minute

    • this happened on the first date when I texted her about the time. she didn't have credit back then but when I called her she was really happy and we set the time.

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