What DO I do about being an idiot who runs away and doesn't give a thought about trying?

So Ever since my last few years in school i've pretty much allways avoided drama and im pretty peaceful however i do fall in love sometimes and i've done some stupid shit in school like saying i have a girlfriend oversease when i did but knowing it's probavly not the kinda thing that works out anyway ithere quite qa few single girls i know but i don't want to jump outta my quiet comfort zone of no drama.
so since im now in my last year before college and im already doing exams im trying to get a girl thing is thoe i can't really pull motivation or anything outta my A*s so i pretyy much hang out with my two friends every day both of which are girls.
I want to get to know them better but one has a boyfriedn so im put off by her but i didn't really have feelings for her never tried asking her out im kind of justa friend and the other girl had a clingy boyfriend and has been out with like 13 or more other guys but then again she's a happy person that can sometimes accidentaly pull men in that's why i know what she's like but then it'd be awkward because she's still pretty good friends with her clingy ex and they have family ties and friends sorta thing.
Then There's another girl who i often think about who was my crush for a couple of those years i'd never really thought about asking her out but she's a sort of cute shy type i dunno.
and finally there's my last choice who is this one girl who im pretty sure doesn't have a boyfriend and i'd like to get close to but then she sorta hangs out in her group of friends which are a group of girls and one guy.
So inj the end im at 3 Choices 1 i can ask my crush out 2 i can try and get closer to the other girl i find interesting or 3 i could ask the girl who has a clingy ex out but then again i don't want to ruin my only friendship with her because she may be my only way of getting out of this lonely loop which i aspire in then again maybe those two other girls can be the one for


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  • Maybe just worn on your own issues before even thinking about girls


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