Do I have a chance?

I have been crushing on this girl for a while she knows & I sent her pic of these handsome guys who were muscular & texted her this is why you like them she was like you got that right then I texted your funny, more like me & I showed her a picture of me with my shirt off I'm muscular & attractive to her but she hasn't responded me for like 3 days she did say she didn't like me in that way 2 weeks ago but she said I am very attractive many times and i tell her i don't ever wanna loose her when we argue & she tells me the same thing & when we aren't talking i tell her i miss her she says the same thing one day i was like hey crush to start a convo & she ended it with goodnight crush like i don't know if she's leading me on or do I have a chance? Because she might just be friendly but she shows me a lot of attention etc. Then she tells me she doesn't like me in that way I am confused


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  • You got friend-zoned... bad

  • She's told you quite a few times she doesn't like you in that way.
    Please don't pressure her

    • She only told me once but she doesn't act like she doesn't