Can small cities make you depressed?

I live in the same city my whole life and its a small city like 175.000 population, so its like not a big city but it has a villiage like feeling with people who know eachother and kinda see the same people most of the time hanging at the same places... now i feel depressed and like my life is kinda... at a stop or something is making me sad. I thought about moving to a bigger city with more people and more things to do or just seeing different faces would do me good but my brother disagrees and says i should tay close to family... do you take yourself with you everywhere you go€?


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  • Yes definitely. This happened to me a year ago. I lived in a small city where there aren't many things for me to explore, see or observe. I was depressed but I couldn't tell why at first. I had a lot of friends, but still I felt lonely. Eventually I figured out why. It's because of the place I live. So I told my mum that I really want to move out and stay in a bigger city. My family disagreed but I stick to my decision. Now I am happier =)

    • but im not moving yet tho, i feel like if i just make a sudden move it might be too depressing for me, i m staying in a rent room for like 3 months and then see what ill do next

    • Yes that would be the best thing to do for now. Maybe you can try to see how are things going on first then you can do a proper plan before moving out. The most important thing is you must be financially stable.

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  • Yeah, I am the same way. I grew up in a small city, and I hated it. I get really upset every time I have to come back to visit my parents.

    • Also, don't listen to other people (including your bro), do what you feel is the best for you.

  • nope, I don't even like the city but if I lived in one, id be cool with it. less people
    I live in buttfuck nowhere and I like it cause I don't need to leave the house or interact with... people. *shudders*

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