Okay so are these some signs my guy friend has a thing for me?

1) He's very opened with me and honest. Which he's always been honest but, never been this opened up to me.
2) he flirts with me a lot more then he has before in the ever.
3) he teases me a lot
4) he talks or joke sexually with me which he never felt comfortable to do so before.
5) he'll text me outta the blue first. He usually starts must of the chats but, I've been trying to start them more lately which he's seeming to like.
6) he tell me about his past relationships and how he wants to date someone.
7) he never brings up any other girls when we talk or ever mentions having crushes on anyone.
8) he seem much more comfortable with what he says to me or talks to me about.
9) if he sees something that reminds me of me or something he knows we both like hell snap chat me it.
10) asks me about my past exes or maybe he's hinting something there lol
11) in person I notice him always checking me out from head to toe now. Which I kind notice he's always done this. But he thinks I don't see him.
12) he likes to sit close to me when we talk even tho I'm very shy he doesn't seem to mind the shy part.
13) he rather snapchat me the Facebook me. I feel like that's more intimate cause you kind of see the person who you're talking to in person maybe that's why he likes it better.
14) has something I made for him in a class were in for Photoshop as his laptop background that I think he honestly was trying to impress me with that one cause he said he's had it that ever since I made it and sent it to him an email.
15) likes to find excuse to talk to me more then usual then he did before. He likes to keep the chat going if it seems to wanna die off.
16) I find him hitting on me more and more. He thinks I don't know what he's trying to do but I do lol

there's more then this but I thought that was pretty much the good ones

Note I do really like him also


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  • Well... with that kind of detail I'd say he has a lot of things for you. Then again, these are just your perception and he could just be a very friendly guy.

    • I think that also dang it maybe I should have just put a few lol

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    • We've only been talking like this for a few weeks so I'll just keep and see where it goes from here

    • sounds like a good plan. I'd just go ahead and just ask if they were interested in a relationship. I prefer to keep suspense to just movies... then again, i AM a little crazy lol... maybe thats a reason too.

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